• System P4

Mission: Attainable

A breakthrough solution to the worldwide housing crisis

What if we could leverage all the advancements made in car manufacturing over 100+ years to reimagine construction?”

That question is now answered with System P4: a pre-designed automation system and complete facility design for high-volume housing production. Everything an owner needs to start up, staff, and operate a plant successfully. Supported by a collective of proven companies with a real-world gameplan. Powered by a worldwide automation leader.


Paving the way to affordable, attainable top-quality housing

Led by firms like Waypaver International, the construction industry has just recently begun to tap the kinds of exponential advancements the automotive industry has made by embracing technology. As the gap between housing supply and demand has left a vast shortage, houses have become unaffordable and apartments have become unattainable nearly everywhere. With real solutions desperately needed, Waypaver International and KUKA united the best minds of modular factory design and advanced automation to conceive a new kind of manufacturing plant for offsite construction that’s repeatable, scalable, and turnkey. No wheels to reinvent.

An off-the-shelf modular plant design—powered by KUKA

System P4 is the first system predesigned as an off-the-shelf automation solution for offsite construction. System P4 is designed to redefine benchmarks for square feet of housing produced per person as well as number of housing modules completed per 40-hour workweek. The system takes proven approaches of construction automation to the next level: reducing steps, putting materials at point of use, advancing prefabrication, prioritizing machine functions for safety and reduced physical stress, and digitizing shop drawings and office communications. System P4 applies precision technology from KUKA to build housing much like cars are built, while taking into account the many lessons learned by the pioneering leaders of the world’s most advanced multifamily modular plant.

A new housing ecosystem—from a been-there, done-that team

Waypaver’s far-reaching vision is supported by the four companies that make up the P4 Housing Collective. The P4 Housing collective brings together the essential “four P’s” of a complete housing ecosystem—designed together to work together.


Factory startup culture programs, modern office design, and industry innovation consulting led by Modular Maven.


Data-driven preconstruction, digital twin technology, experienced project design and logistics team led by Prefab Logic.


Off-the-shelf plans pre-vetted for automation and constructability plus materials supply chain led by Effektiv House.


Automation, robotics, software, integration, facility design and operational consulting led by Waypaver International.

Get a first look

System P4 is a real solution for offsite builders, developers, and communities. It’s scalable, repeatable, turnkey, and ready to deploy now. Contact Waypaver International to schedule a briefing.